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Check Out Our New Volkswagen Incentives and Save at Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell


Our team at Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell offers new ways for drivers around Massachusetts and New Hampshire to save through our incentives on new Volkswagen models here in Lowell, MA. These specials rotate monthly and contain a wide selection of financing incentives and lease deals to make short and long-term payments on your next new car easy and convenient. Each year, these new incentives come to us directly from Volkswagen, giving customers like you an affordable starting point on your next sedan, hatchback, or crossover SUV. Discover a new Volkswagen incentive that meets your needs and test drive the car you want here at Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell, located just a 10-minute drive outside of Chelmsford, MA at 6-B Industrial Ave E. 

Financing Deals Make Loans Convenient

Many of our customers throughout Massachusetts and nearby Nashua, NH choose to finance their next new Volkswagen through an auto loan when they find that special car or SUV they want to make their own! In an auto loan, you pay off the total cost of the vehicle through several monthly installments over a pre-set number of months. However, though our financing incentives and cash deals, you might find this process more convenient than usual as these Volkswagen specials tend to help make beginning a loan advantageous. You may find bonus cash to help with the down payment and five you a comfortable beginning, or you might simply find satisfaction with financing deals that provide low interest rates for new loans.

When you finance a new Volkswagen, you also gain a bit more freedom to take the vehicle wherever calls to you, with no restrictions on mileage. Likewise, if you find a cool new Volkswagen accessory and want to customize your ride, auto loans enable this as long as you meet monthly payments on time.

Leasing Made Simple and Fun


Financing might not offer everything folks want, as many customers only seek something more short-term, which makes Volkswagen leasing so advantageous. While lease contracts typically aid those with shorter commutes, they also enable you to drive the new Volkswagen you want with some of the latest in fun technological gadgets. In these lease contracts, you still pay monthly installments, but thanks to our monthly lease deals, your monthly payments will likely remain lower than before. The new Volkswagen you choose to lease at a great deal also comes backed by its People First Bumper-to-Bumper warranty, throughout the duration of the lease contract, giving you access to our service center should the new car not meet quality standards.

At the end of each lease contract, when you return the vehicle to us, our financing team will offer you a few choices for how to proceed, moving forward:

  • Lease a New Volkswagen: Many customers enjoy the variety in choices leasing allows them, so when you return the new car you lease, we encourage you to check out more new leasing incentives in Lowell, MA.
  • Buy the Car: If you decide you want to make the Volkswagen you leased yours, then check back in with our financing team for your best payment options moving forward.
  • Keep Shopping: Some customers, after leasing, might decide they want something different, either in a used car or another brand entirely.
  • Start Financing and Leasing Today

    Our team at Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell invites you to explore our new Volkswagen incentives, cash deals, and lease offerings to see all the ways you can save on your next car. When you wish to get started, fill out our auto finance application online and schedule a test drive here in Lowell, MA. You will find us located just 10 minutes North of Billerica, MA; we hope to hear from you soon!

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