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Redefining Automotive Shopping with Gervais Fast Lane

At Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell, we want to redefine the way customers shop for their next car or SUV. Throughout the years, our shoppers are getting busier, which makes it harder to visit our dealership. Whether you have a tight work schedule or family needs to take care of, you should not have to put off buying your new Volkswagen.

That is why we created the Gervais Fast Lane online retailing tool. Customers can now shop for their ride completely online, making it far easier to handle this exciting process. From start to finish, the Gervais Fast Lane will handle your needs.

Finding the Right New Volkswagen

The first thing you need to do is find that perfect Volkswagen. There are so many impressive models to choose from when dealing with this manufacturer. You can find a new Volkswagen Golf or Jetta, which are perfect for daily commuting and exciting driving experiences.

Looking for something on the larger side near Wilmington? If so, Volkswagen makes many amazing SUVs. Whether you choose the luxurious Atlas Cross Sport or the capable Tiguan, you will be impressed with how well these models perform. There is even the new Volkswagen ID.4. This all-electric SUV will change the way you handle any trip.

5 Quick and Easy Steps

After you choose that perfect car or SUV, you can get started with the Gervais Fast Lane. To complete this process, you simply have to follow five easy steps. The forms and tools throughout this process are easy to navigate, making the entire experience as smooth as possible. If you ever have a question or concern during your experience, our professionals are just a call away.

Customize Your Payment

The first step is to customize your payments. Here, you will enter some personal and financial information. We like to assure our customers that this info is completely secure when using our tool. The only people who will see your responses are members of our expert financial team. After you fill in the information, you will get realistic payments for your purchase.

Value a Trade-In

Trading in a used car or SUV is a great way to start any automotive purchase. Many Burlington customers are looking to upgrade from their current ride. We can buy your vehicle from you for a comprehensive and fair price. That value is great for covering down payments or lowering the customer of your overall purchase. So, if you have a car that is ready to be sold, make sure to start your purchase with a trade-in.

Apply for Financing

The next step is to apply for financing. This is the same form that you would find if visiting our finance center in person. Our team will work hard to secure your auto loan and create manageable monthly payments. Applying for financing through Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell is easy and efficient, making this usually stressful process much more enjoyable.

Schedule Your Test Drive

One of the most exciting steps of the Gervais Fast Lane is scheduling your test drive. There is nothing better than the first time you sit in your new Volkswagen. After you get the financial steps out of the way, get your test drive scheduled to see all your new car or SUV is capable of.

Picking Up Your New Volkswagen

The final step of this process is to simply pick up your new vehicle. We will have your new Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport or Jetta delivered to one of our dealerships near Bedford. We aim to be as convenient as possible and are happy to work around your schedule for the pickup.

Buy Your New Volkswagen with Gervais Fast Lane

The Gervais Fast Lane is redefining the way customers buy their new car or SUV. Get started today right from the comfort of your home. We are always here to help if you have any questions during the shopping process. We look forward to working with you soon!

5 Easy Steps to Buying Online

  1 - Customize Your Payment
            Get realistic payments based on your info.
   2 - Value Your Trade-In
            Get a trade-in value for your car. 
  3 - Apply For Financing
         Choose the best payment option for you.

    4 - Schedule a Test Drive
            Find a time to test drive the vehicle you want.

    5 - Delivery At Our Store
            We will deliver the car to your preferred location.

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