Find peace of mind with the safety features and innovations of our new Volkswagen models here at Gervais Volkswagen of Lowell - Serving Boston, Andover, Billerica, and Burlington, MA

For those who drive the busy roads and highways here in Massachusetts on a daily basis, safety is of paramount importance. At Volkswagen of Lowell, we've always been conscious of our customers wants and needs, and for those who crave peace of mind on the road, our latest Volkswagen vehicles represent the very cusp of innovation. Each and every one of the new Volkswagen vehicles for sale at our Lowell, MA dealership comes available with an array of conventional and driver-assistive safety features. So, in the interest of helping you determine which new model is the right fit, we've put together a helpful overview of Volkswagen's safety features.

Looking Ahead

Front Assist

Undoubtedly, the best defense against a frontal collision is an alert attentive driver, but the Volkswagen Front Assist system helps to provide extra security when human reflexes simply aren't enough. Utilizing sensors the font end of the vehicle, the Volkswagen Front Assist System scans the area in front of the car for obstacles. If it detects a potential collision, it engages the Forward Collision Warning system, triggering an auditory warning to the driver to take action to avoid an accident. If the driver fails to react in time, the Front Assist system can engage Autonomous Emergency Braking, utilizing the brakes to slow the car to a full stop and mitigate or avoid an accident altogether.

Helping You Park

Park Pilot

As complex as pulling into a parallel parking space can be, pulling out can be equally ponderous. Luckily, with the front and rear sensors and visual parking display provided through the Volkswagen Park Pilot system, the whole process is exponentially easier. Utilizing both auditory warnings and visual cues on the Volkswagen center stack mounted display, drivers can easily gauge the amount of room they have to maneuver without craning their necks around and potentially bumping other cars in the process.

Watching Your Blind Spots

Lane Assist

Staying on the straight and narrow on Massachusetts' winding roadways can be a challenge on the best of days, but with the Volkswagen Lane Assist system, it doesn't have to be. Using sensors to detect the lines on the road, the Lane Assist system can play an audible warning if it detects your vehicle shifting lanes without signaling. If you don't take any action to correct your course, the Lane Assist system can gently adjust the steering to guide your Volkswagen vehicle back to the center of the lane.


Adaptive Cruise Control

A feature that will prove endlessly useful for those who navigate the temperamental traffic that plagues the highways between Lowell, Boston, Billerica, Andover, and Burlington, MA on a daily basis, Adaptive Cruise Control allows drivers to set a speed and following distance from the cars ahead of them. When the flow of traffic slows down, the Adaptive Cruise Control system detects this and automatically adjusts the vehicles' speed to maintain a safe following distance. When the flow of traffic picks back up again, the system automatically accelerates to the driver's set speed again.

Adaptive Cruise Control Availability

Rear Traffic Alert

Need a bit of help navigating the packed parking lots and crowded garages that pepper the Lowell, Boston, Billerica, Andover, and Burlington, MA areas? If so, the Volkswagen Rear Traffic Alert system may just be your best friend. The system uses sensors in the rear of the vehicle to detect cars crossing your path when backing out. If it detects a potential rear collision, it will alert you, and if not action is taken, it can automatically apply the brakes to avoid an accident.

Rear Traffic Alert Availability


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